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Fundamentals of Great Vocal Technique

The Teachings of Michael Trimble

By Michael Trimble

compiled and edited by Richard di Renzi and Christopher Arneson

First Edition (ISBN 978-0-9910876-0-0)160 pages, paperback only

Trimble's new book will enlighten readers about vocal technique as taught by the masters of Bel Canto and practiced by the greatest singers of the 19th and 20th centuries. His insights are based on a pedagogic foundation of personal experience, interviews with famous singers, and historically significant texts. His method, based on the principle of appoggio (breath management) through contrary motion, has stood the test of time and will help current and future singers make the most of their vocal gifts. The book is full of wonderful anecdotes about famous singers and their vocal techniques ranging from Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti, to Lilli Lehmann and Zinka Milanov--many of whom were his personal friends, colleagues, and mentors, and with whom he shared the opera stage around the world. Paperback cover only.

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Praise for Trimble's Work

A Bel Canto specialist, Trimble has combined the best of Manuel Garcia's and Giovanni Battista Lamperti's schools of singing to serve the divine art of song. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things vocal and has my complete confidence. I recommend him without reservation to anyone who is serious about pursuing the ideal vocal technique for a lifetime of singing.
Kim Josephson, Metropolitan Opera Baritone and Professor of Voice, University of Oklahoma

I have not had problems of any kind with my voice since beginning my studies with Mr. Trimble. He coached me on how to produce the proper Southern accent for the role I played in the film Steel Magnolias. But most importantly, he helped me to develop true stamina in my voice, which has enabled me to rehearse for endless hours and to perform every day of the week during long runs in live theater. Mr Trimble has proved to me and to many other over a long period of time that he is a voice teacher of great ability and a human being of great worth.
--Olympia Dukakis, Academy Award Winning Actress

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Great Vocal Technique
Insights into the Biomechanics of Great Singing

Breathing and Support
Phonation and Resonance
Methods and Techniques of Famous Singers (click link to see a sample of this chapter)
Contrary Motion
Covering the Tone
The Posture Metho
Notable Names and Dates
The Trimble Vocal Institute
Genealogy of Michael Trimble's Voice Teachers