Basics of Voice Science & Pedagogy

BVSP is the newest version of "Your Voice: The Basics," now with full color images. The title is new, but the content essentially is the same. ISBN: 978-1-7335060-2-1   $45.00




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      The Basics of Voice Science and Pedagogy is the 2020 update to McCoy’s Your Voice: The Basics (2016), now including beautiful, full-color anatomic images. This text was inspired by Your Voice: An Inside View (2004, 2012, 2019) and provides information that is less dense, suitable for a wider range of readers, and focused on the basic elements of anatomy, physiology, vocal resonance, voice analysis, and vocal health. 
      McCoy’s two books on voice science and pedagogy are among the most frequently used resources in classrooms and studios across North America and the globe. This publication originated exclusively as an e-book, with streaming media embedded directly in the text.  Following numerous requests for a print version, Inside View Press released this edition. Of course, it is impossible to stream media in a physical book. Therefore, all the multimedia content is cross-referenced to the IVP website. To view the examples, navigate to and select the chapter and then the example you would like to see or hear.

Excerpt from Basics of Voice Science and Pedagogy

Breathing and Breath Support (excerpted from Chapter 3)
This excerpt is in PDF format. Multimedia content opens in a separate window. In the iBooks version, all media is embedded directly in the book